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When and Where


The 2016 GNOSEF is scheduled for February 13-16, 2017, and will take place in the UNO Human Performance Center (HPC), located at the intersection of Elysian Fields and Leon C. Simon on UNO’s campus (building 17 on the campus map).


August 27           Teacher Workshop and Kickoff
October 7           School Affiliation Forms Due
October 14         Submit Projects requiring Pre-Approval to SRC
December 2       All Pre-Approvals Must be Completed
January 13         Project Registration/Document Deadline
February 6         All Project Documents Must be Approved                
Feb 13-16          GNOSEF  (Mardi Gras is Feb. 28th)
March 3              Registration Deadline for State Fair
March 20-22       LA Science and Engineering Fair
May 12-17          International Science and Engr. Fair (ISEF)     Los Angeles, CA




Finalists in each division (Junior and Senior) from each regional fair will be eligible to compete at the Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair in Baton Rouge at Louisiana State University (LSU) March 20- 22, 2017.


International Competition


May 12-17, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA— Four high school students and two teachers will be selected to represent the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). This all-expense-paid trip gives students an opportunity of a lifetime, as over $5 million dollars in cash, prizes, and scholarships are awarded to the best of more than 1700 students from over 70 countries, regions and territories.




Important Event Dates

2017 Schedule of Events

Monday, February 13, 2017 – JUNIOR DIVISION
8am-Noon Facility Setup
12:30 - 5:30pm Open for project set up and safety judging (junior division)
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 – JUNIOR DIVISION (SR DIV SET-UP)
8am-8:30am Judges check-in
8:30am-9am Judges orientation
9am-Noon Official Judging (junior div. students stand by their projects)
Noon-1:30pm Official Judging (students not present)
Noon-1:30pm Open for public viewing
2:00-4:00pm Project pick-up
4:30-7:00pm Open for project set up and safety judging (senior division)
Wednesday, February 15, 2017 – SENIOR DIVISION
8am-8:30am Judges check-in
8:30am-9am Judges orientation
9am-Noon Official Judging (senior div. students stand by their projects)
Noon-1pm Lunch Break
1pm-2:30pm Official Judging (sr. div. students stand by their projects)
3:30pm-5:30pm Open for public viewing
Thursday, February 16, 2017 
9:30am-11:30am Open for public viewing
11:30am-5:00 Project pick-up (Projects will be removed from the tables at 3:30pm)
7:00-9:30pm Awards Ceremony



Team Registrations:

Team registrations per school will be based on the number of projects registered by the school in each division (Jr and Sr):

Registered Projects    # Teams Allowed*
1-19 3
20-24 4
25+ 5
* each division calculated separately  

Information for students and teachers:

SRC Prior Approval Reviews

Some projects require prior approval by the GNOSEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC). Please take a moment to go through the Prior Approval Flow Chart if your project involves humans, potentially hazardous biological agents, hazardous activities, chemicals or devices.  Failure to have these projects reviewed PRIOR to beginning your investigation will make your project ineligible at GNOSEF competition.


GNOSEF Mini-Grant Application

Student research grants of up to $250 are again being generously offered by H. Britton Sanderford and an anonymous donor!  These grants are for students in grades 6-12 and may be used for materials needed to complete a science fair project. 

Complete the online form to apply!

Check out the Top 10 Safety and Display Issues to avoid so you can breeze through Project Setup and Safety Check on Tuesday!

ISEF Interactive Forms Complete Packet

All Pre-Approvals Must be Completed and have final SRC approval by
December 2. 

What is the Greater New Orleans (Region IX) Science & Engineering Fair?

The Greater New Orleans (Region IX) Science & Engineering Fair is one of the largest science fairs in Louisiana and is recognized as one of the most outstanding fairs in the nation. The Fair typically involves more than 300 students from the Greater New Orleans area (Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard parishes form Region IX).


When will the GNOSEF be held?

The 2017 GNOSEF is scheduled to be held at UNO in the HPC. Location details and a complete schedule for the event will be posted on the GNOSEF website.



What awards are given?

Among the numerous category and special awards presented, Grand Award winners, Senior Division only, will be selected from the First & Second Place Winners in each category and will represent Region IX in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Details can be found on the ISEF web site .


Eligible finalists in each division (Junior and Senior) will be certified for entry in the Louisiana State Science Fair on March 20-22, 2017 at LSU in Baton Rouge. (Junior Division will set up on Sunday afternoon with competition on Monday. Senior Division will set up Monday evening with competition Tuesday).


Who is eligible to enter the Science Fair?

Any student in grades seven through twelve with an interest in science and/or engineering and enrolled in a public, private, parochial or home school in the parishes of Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, or St. Bernard is eligible to enter the fair by following the process established at his/her school. Exceptional sixth grade students are also eligible. Each school selects which students will represent it at the GNOSEF.


What is the first thing my students must do?

Each student should complete a research plan plus required forms. Use the ISEF Rules Wizard    to identify necessary forms. The forms will indicate which projects need to go before the Scientific Review Committee (SRC).

GNOSEF requires that all projects which involve human subjects, non-human vertebrate animals, pathogenic agents, controlled substances, recombinant DNA research, and human and animal tissue (including blood and saliva) be submitted to the GNOSEF SRC for approval PRIOR to any experimentation beginning. All continuation projects and projects involving hazardous activities also require SRC pre-approval.

Note that if students choose to do research involving human subjects, schools must have an Institutional Review Board (IRB) (see ISEF Form 4 in ISEF Document Library) which must review all Human Subject research prior to paperwork submission to GNOSEF for final approval. Also be sure to check the GNOSEF rules on the website, as there are additional requirements for prior approval, particularly regarding hazardous chemicals.

FOR THOSE WITH STUDENTS DOING PROJECTS OVER THE SUMMER, please assess whether they need prior approval and submit the appropriate documents.  GNOSEF and ISEF require PRIOR approval for certain projects (see Rules Wizard for the required forms).  We are happy to help, but cannot resolve issues or provide “prior approval” if the projects have already been completed. 

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